Aims & Vision

The Brighter Futures Learning Partnership Trust in Doncaster has been formed to focus on more meaningful collaboration between schools for the benefit of all the children and young people in our local communities.

The aims and objectives of the Trust set out very clearly our determination to support and challenge our schools to provide the best possible educational experience by having a creative and aspirational curriculum and the highest quality of leadership, learning and teaching.

At the heart of our vision is the desire to create diverse, rich learning experiences and ensure that we use evidence-based practice and deep levels of employer- engagement to raise aspiration, tackle disadvantage and to provide a world-class education. There will be a very clear focus on academic excellence and high-quality pastoral care to ensure that our children and young people are capable, confident and compassionate learners ready to face the economic and social challenges of the 21st Century.

The wealth of expertise within our schools, along with high quality governance, will also foster a strong sense of belonging and community across the Trust whilst remaining focused on each child/young person achieving their full potential. We will foster a culture where each member of staff is motivated and supported to provide high quality, innovative teaching along with opportunities for sharing their expertise.

Our strong Board of Trustees and local governors are committed to the vision and values of the Trust, and, have the highest of aspirations. Doncaster University Technical College (UTC) is central to the vision and will provide enormous opportunities to enhance the curriculum offer and give students the right skills to support regional economic growth through the development of its distinctive employer-led curriculum. It is hoped that the employer-educational partnerships will shape an innovative and pioneering curriculum model benefitting those schools in our Trust, as well as the informal educational partnerships within the wider school system.