Richard Walsh

Areas of Expertise/ Specialisms

Extensive experience of business management, including:

  • Change management
  • Organisation restructuring
  • Cost cutting
  • Business turnaround
  • Cash flow management
  • Sales growth
  • Contract negotiation
  • Team building

Details of your last three roles


Pennine Stone Ltd


Managing Director


2009 to 2021 (Retired)


Achieve budgeted profitability, achieve business growth through innovation and through incorporating new products and developing new markets.  To set targets, to motivate and to challenge the core management team.


Haddonstone Ltd




1999 - 2009


Produce financial reports and manage the financial function of the company.


Haddonstone USA Ltd


Business Manager


1998 – 1999


The role involved spending 2 weeks each month at a subsidiary in Colorado, in order to turn the business from a loss-making enterprise into a viable profitable manufacturing business.

Professional Body Membership(s)


General Areas of Expertise to Support a Trust Board

  • Team building
  • Business turnaround
  • Cost control
  • Experience of chairing an international building materials association

Education Improvement Specific Experience and Skills


Specific Leadership and Skills Experience

  • Managing Director of construction materials manufacturer for 10+ years, chair of international materials association, and a number of other directorships
  • HR experience as head of business employing 100+ employees.
  • Experience as an accountant and financial analyst within a number of manufacturing organisation

HR and Data Handling Specific Experience and Skills

HR experience as head of business, including extensive redundancy experience during a period of construction and house building sector contraction.

Finance Specific Experience and Skills

Extensive experience as an accountant and financial analyst within a number of manufacturing organisations.

Brief comments on why your previous experience is relevant

Although I have little “education specific” experience, being limited to a PSG role during the set up of the UTC, I bring considerable experience of running both successful businesses and being parachuted into loss making enterprises during market downturns.  My strengths include clarity of thinking, a confidence to question senior decision makers, and management and financial skills gained over decades of senior management roles. I would enjoy being the “non-educationalist” tasked with challenging the status quo, as well as encouraging the excellent.