West Road Primary Academy

West Road, Moorends, Doncaster DN8 4LH

Headteacher/ Principal
J Woodward - Acting Headteacher

West Road Primary is an exciting, happy and vibrant learning community, serving the village of Moorends - we are all learners. We were judged as good by Ofsted in June 2018 and our young people achieve outcomes in reading, writing and maths which are above, often well above, national averages.

At West Road we put children at the heart of everything we do. We believe that every child can achieve amazing things and it is our job to deliver a rich and personalised education, unlocking doors and creating a love of learning, so that every child is empowered and has the opportunity to choose their own future. We provide a nurturing, inspiring environment, maintaining high expectations and challenge in all that we do – enabling each child to develop the resilience, confidence and independence required to succeed. We pride ourselves on our essential life skills offer – extending learning well beyond the school gates. At West Road, we turn mirrors into windows.

By the time they leave Year 6, we pledge that every young person will have had the opportunity to:

  1. Represent our school in a competition
  2. Visit a beach
  3. Build a den
  4. Build models using real tools and materials
  5. Experience an animal firsthand
  6. Have a picnic with the school community
  7. Experience a theatrical performance
  8. Help somebody in our community
  9. Prepare a meal
  10. Experience another culture